• The managers of two or three departments, divisions or projects do not get along and are in a power struggle for control… NOTHING gets done.

• Two employees in the same department are at loggerheads and morale is awful.

• There is conflict in the Boardroom and the shareholder’s meeting is coming up.

You are their boss and somehow you have to get them to move forward. But how?

Workplace Mediation is a solution that will get your business moving again and encompasses:

1.      Mediation for workplace conflicts:  I will come to your company to meet with the employees in conflict and help them reach resolution to their issues. In a confidential meeting or series of meetings, I will help them listen to each other and understand the other’s point of view in order to help them reach a solution that takes both of their concerns into account.

2.     Consultation for training your executives and managers:  I will meet with the CEO’s of Silicon Valley companies in consultation to develop a company-wide approach to conflict that will increase productivity and profit by instilling a corporate culture of mutual respect and collaboration of ideas and approaches.

3.     A custom-built conflict resolution solution for your company:  After consulting with you, I will develop a training program and system unique to your company and employees for addressing conflict.

4.     Training for your executives and managers:   I will teach your upper management and executives communication skills designed to head off conflict before it begins, techniques for recognizing a potential conflict and methods of addressing it

After 30 years working with the most difficult conflicts, 16 of them mediating and as a collaborative attorney in divorce, I am uniquely qualified to help you and your staff overcome conflict in the workplace in Silicon Valley.

As a Mediator serving Campbell, San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, and other cities in Silicon Valley, I have tried and true techniques for conflict resolution that translate to all areas of the workplace.

I call it “Conflict Opportunity”.   In every conflict, there is an opportunity for understanding, dynamic exchange of ideas and increased productivity and profits for your company.  My work will help you create a workplace culture of collaboration and cooperation and teach you and your executives how to create a culture in which all employees have the tools to manage conflict as it occurs.